pic: Robo Rumble

…The Game:

The game is played on a 120" by 95" carpeted playing field. Teams will play in alliances comprised of two robots for a total of 4 robots on the field at once. The object is to have your robot score the tennis balls by shooting them into your alliance high goal. The balls scored in the high goal will come out of an opening at the base of the goal, and ONLY then will the designated human player be allowed to touch the balls. The HP objective is to shoot, at their own discretion, shoot the balls into the human player goal located in the center of the field. The balls scored in either ring of the human player goal will not count for any team until the conclusion of the End Game. During the End Game, and ONLY during this time, robots will be allowed to move the mobile human player goal (mounted on casters). The object here is to have the ENTIRE human player goal in your alliance goal. Accomplishing this task will give your team ALL the points scored in the human player goal during match play. The inner ring of the human player goal will be 12" in diameter, the outer ring 24" in diameter, and the entire structure 18" tall. The high goal will be 12" tall and 8" in diameter…

When and where will thise be played? Also, how will you determine if pre “endgame” movement of the mobile goal is accidental?

It’ll be played next Friday at NASA Goddard and a conference the same day.

We will have 4 referees, with automated scoring pads. we will also be watching for robots who try to acquire the mobile goal before the end game. If they do so they receive penalties. If they bump it because of something else, i see no problem. but if they are in the act of moving it then it’s penalty time.

Also i made a few changes during class today. I added that the HP zone is opposite. So the black team high goal is where the red HP zone is and vice versa. This makes sure that the HP’s don’t just drop a ball into their goal and forces the kids to design a robot that will score in the high goal.