pic: Robobees lifting 2006's 'Shorty'

Here’s a picture of our robot with the lift deployed


And the pucked chicken adds character.

cool, nice to see everything worked out.

I’m confused. Is that 1 bot or 2? It looks very impressive, the wiring could probably get a clean up but ours isnt any better. Do you have a case for the electronics or just let the air get to em?


Sorry, that’s 2 bots:D …all of the aluminum blends together. The one on the left is this year’s robot. You can see it’s side bumpers in the middle of the picture. We have a lift that folds down from the side, which in this picture is occupied by last year’s bot. Most of the messy wiring is on last year’s bot after it had been “salvaged” for spare parts.

Our electronics are on different tier’s this year, on either side of our arm. We have a motor controller tier, RC tier, Spike Tier and a Pneumatic Tier. We tried the electronics case concept last year, but did not prefer it due to some access/configuration issues. In fact, the large open area on 2006’s bot with the wires hanging is where our case went.