pic: RoboDevils 1018 '07 Chassis

Waterjet and welding underway. Then we’ll mount our secret weapon(s) on top …

looks like a turret

Are you at all worried about having the battery that far back? (assuming the battery is in back) It might be a bit tippy whenever you make some quick direction changes. I can see your robot doing some wheelies whenever you go from full power backward to full power forward.

It happened to us last year. Except we’d tip over completely. We eventually had to move the battery forward.

Particularly over the drive wheels. I spy with my little eye a rotating turret on a Lazy-Susan type contraption. Hmm…

In our robot we have the battery all the way to the back. But we mounted it flat and low, also we counter weighed it with all the drive motors and trans, they could have done the same.

Keep in mind that we haven’t seen the rest of their robot design. This battery placement may actually be correcting a weight distribution problem. For example, their design could force the compressor and turret motors to the front to avoid tipping.

well, that does look ready to storm the castle/rack. Can’t wait to see the turret.


looks pretty sick, i cant wait to see whats going on top…