pic: RoboDevils Chariot and the big drum

While gliding around downtown Indianapolis with another Segway owner I happened across Purdue’s big drum on Monument Circle - gave the band members demos on the Segway, and they let me bang the drum !!


You have a Segway (which I knew) AND you got to bang the drum!! That’s just freakin cool.:smiley:

Just wondering, what exactly was the band doing in downtown Indy?

Purdue orchestras were performing at the Circle Theater, and four band members were outside with the drum, acting as their “billboard”.

You’ve done a lot to that Segway since I last saw it. You should ride around with your guys’ “sprit stick” too. :slight_smile:

I remember the last time I heard that drum…'98…shudders…somewhere in the whereabouts of San Antonio.

(freshman in CHE at KSU)

I love the modifications you’ve made to your segway Stu :slight_smile: I look forward to seeing it at Nats!

that game was soo good!! btw Coach Tiller is my neighbor (but we will keep that on the DL).

STU…any chance you can tell me the modifications you made to it and the materials? Also you should post different views of your lovely decked out segway.

Yeah!!! Let’s all GO NUTS!!!

For Purdue!

(the one area of West Lafayette I can’t navigate through)