pic: Robokong Trailer Graphics

Here is a snap shot of some graphics we did for FRC 2493 Robokong. We hope you enjoy them!

This is going to look awesome on the trailer, can’t wait until it gets here.

Alex, do you guys do requests?

Awesome Alex, keep up the good work!

Of course, what were you thinking?

Thanks! It’s a team effort from all parties not just me.

Just ya wait till I show you what we have been working on. We just recently purchased some sweet equipment to make some awesome products.

Both for robotics and personal use.

I hope you all like to wave your arms around and cover your iphone’s… :wink:

Could you possibly do a team banner for us with our logo on it, and our primary sponsors? Just an idea, but we’re looking into one of those.

No problem at all!

Size? Full color? Grommets every two feet?

Once you know those details, I’ll give you a price.

You’re the best Alex. We’ll give you a call once we get the details figured out. :slight_smile:

We are just here to give back to a program that gave us so much as students.

Just to expand on Alex’s post: He and Liz started a company 2(?) years ago and called it Two Pencil Designs. Since then he’s had brilliant ideas like strategy clipboards (like they use in basketball), vinyl stickers (including ones on steroids) and etched glass items (think trophies and sponsor thank-yous).

2PD has several product lines, so basically if it involves something visual Alex makes it or supplies it. Except maybe deadmau5 heads that display live video. And his prices are extraordinarily FIRST-friendly.

No matter what it is, give Alex a call (or PM) first, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Full color grommets and unfinished edges: $7.00 sq/ft

Full color grommets and finished edges $8.75 sq/ft