pic: RoboLancers 321 Teaser

Just because the camera is focused on one particular area doesn’t mean that this photo is full of hints of the final bot. :wink:

We would also like to thank Dawgma 1712 for the gracious donation of kit bot parts this year making this drive train possible.

So Surgical Tubing… There seems to be a lego model in the back…

Curious if you have tested this chassis on a hump? 1745 found that with six inch wheels that the front of the frame hit the bump on the way up and then the rear frame dragged after you pushed the front wheels up the ramp leaving the rear wheels to lose contact with the carpet. It looks like you have 8 inch wheels so this may not be an issue but, if you can test this on a hump.::safety::

Surgical Tubing?! Where?! Our plans of world domination have been foiled!

We happened to find a shiny new IFI kit chassis sitting in the closet. With 8" wheels strapped on there are no points where we lose contact with the carpet. Gotta love the COTS rule.

Ramp testing has happened, as well as cad models before the assembly. At an estimated 8.31fps, we should be fine climbing, shooting, tunneling, and hanging. :wink:

IFI = <3

Another fun fact: there is no center wheel drop… how might we be getting around this? :cool: