pic: RoboMom Cleans Up @ Monty

dare i say it…“putting senior mentors to good use” j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

This just shows the dedication to the program that people like jenny have. They are willing and able to do whatever needs to be done, from starting teams to vacuuming the floors. While you may just think that this is a picture of someone vacuuming the floor, you are actually seeing the backbone of FIRST in action.


Wow, Mrs. Beatty worked extremely hard that day, if i remember correctly that happened between 8 and 10 pm…more than 14 hours after she arrived :ahh:

Thanks for all of your help Mrs. Beatty

I can’t resist…


Actually, this is but one of Jenny’s many side jobs - she sells used vacuum cleaners. And given her ability to schmooze, she makes out quite well! She also does well selling used cars and bottled water. j/k :slight_smile:

Actually, Jenny is a member of the group of hardest working, most passionate volunteers that I know - the FIRST Senior mentors. Their dedication to FIRST is extraordinary and oftentimes overlooked. THANK YOU to all of them!

geez, thanks Pete :stuck_out_tongue: While you were tweeking this pic couldn’t you have at least made me look a little less tired…
I was tired. But right outside the frame of this picture were other dedicated volunteers in FIRST. Paul and Karin Kloberg, Pete K, Jess J, (The 5 of us finally ate dinner at 11 pm) as well as the home teams. It’s hanging out with these folks, through the fun parts and the stuff-that-just-has-to-get-done-by-someone parts that makes FIRST the community it is.
I would encourage everyone to sign up for clean up at an event. You will make some friends for life.

Too bad I couldn’t have stayed… Those are 5 of my favorite FIRST folks!!! It’s definitely those types of folks that make gracious professionalism a way of life, not just a phrase. Plus they are some of the nicest folks I know too.

When people said you “do it all”, I had no idea.

FIRST told her she’d really ‘clean up’ in this job, didn’t they… :wink: