pic: RoboMom in Singapore


I am traveling through Southeast Asia having all sorts of adventures in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan. Walked by this store in Singapore.

holy cow. You are going to have to get another bumper sticker.

What puzzles me is how they knew you’d be there to put up that sign…:rolleyes:

Pretty cool, Jenny

What do they actually sell in that store???

Female robots, silly. duh.


I love Singapore! Our team hopes to be able to get back there soon.

Did you try any Durian while you were there? ::safety::

Wow! Where in Singapore was this store? (I’m from Singapore :))

Bras Basah Rd.

I think the store sells clothes. They may have robots too. I didn’t go in.

Durian is, lets say, an acquired taste…