pic: RoboMom

What does the family get RoboMom for her birthday?
New tags!
Those of you who know me well will understand the bumper stickers…

What a great gift! I am soooooo jealous!

My partner-in-crime Dee Tomczak in Virginia also has RoboMom tags. Our cars were parked next to each other in Washington DC during the scrimmage in Feb. Dee’s son is quoted as saying “You’ve got to be kidding…”
We forgot to get a picture.

I found a this Car Climbed Mt Washington bumpersticker in my car when i bought it, it then proceeded to need a new engine and transmission, so i have decided that cars climbing mountains is a bad idea

Mike, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I have had a version of this bumper sticker on every car I have had since 1974. I have driven many many times to the top (I spent a couple of years living on the summit). But I would NEVER drive my own car up.

Too hard on the transmission AND the brakes. :wink:

Whoa! You’re car has the same name as you!

I agree. As a hiking fanatic, there’s nothing worse than getting to the top of the Tuckerman’s headwall and smelling raw eggs from the overheating brake pads of cars descending the mtn. It’s bad enough with the coal smell of the train.

I’ve done the autoroad once, but it was in my dad’s car. My car stays at the bottom! :wink:

Great Plate Jenny!

It’s fits you well, you’re one of our most valued volunteer leaders, imho.


I drove up to Mt. Washington just one time during one of my visits to New England. It was low gear and brakes all the way down. It was also a Hertz car :rolleyes:.

Just another reason NOT to buy a car from a rental car company…

I guess we shouldn’t buy a used vacuum cleaner either!

It’s Noah’s Mom!!! :slight_smile: (I’m Alex’s brother )