pic: Robonaut Machine Gun


This is a picture of our robot and a quick vid if anyone missed it in the showcase forum.


Those look to be coming out a bit hot (12 meters per second is the maximum speed). Have you been able to measure them? The easiest way is to fire the gun at 30 degrees and see how far it goes… it should be around 35 feet.

How far away is the robot from to goal in that picture? You can use the video to get speed if you know that…

Looks fine to me. Looks better than fine, it looks rather cool. I wounder what the black thing on the right below the curved part is…


That is absolutely scary.
We better raise the bar on our shooter.

Wooowah! That made my little head spin. I can’t wait to see more. Great job guys.

well atleast for the rest of us there hopes for second place :wink: . im still wandering how it can possibly shoot so fast

Ok, can you change the angle in the middle of the game or can it only be set at one angle? Also how many balls were being shot and do you know the accuracy to that thing?

wow that’s amazing. makes my team step up another level

can you guys also harvest balls/ that shooter is flippin sweet well keep the pics coming

That’s probably their loading mechanism. I noticed there’s a hopper on the back, so that’s where the balls go in order to get to the launcher.

PS - Can we get a video?

Their video :stuck_out_tongue: