pic: Robonauts '08 - Ballacuda

Introducing the Robonauts’ 2008 bot, Ballacuda.

  • V6 Powerplant
  • Turreted Catapult
  • Crab Drive with magnetic compass control
  • Consistent 7.5 second no-traffic laps

wow :eek:
that thing is amazing
what kind of transmission are you guys using this year?
i heard talk of a CVT tranny last year, and am curious to see if you used it.

Is that your IR board suspended from the top crossbar? Are you worried about it getting damaged up there?

Oh and, that’s one heck of a robot you’ve got there.


Does the V6 powerplant power the drive, crab, and turret? If so, how??

I assume you’re using the same sort of setup as last year with the 4 CIMs, 2 Fish, and a Dewalt?

V6 powers the drive, just like last year with some efficiency improvements.
No Dewalt… team felt the game this year lent itself to one speed… very fast.