pic: Robonauts '10 -- Dynamite

The Robonauts 2010 creation - Dynamite.
We’ll see you in Orlando and Houston. Good luck.

Sweet bot, does it hang? look forward to seeing you folks in Orlando. 2 Nasa teams… oh boy… it’s gonna be a slugfest in Florida!

How long is it until Christmas?!?!:wink:

Very beautiful robot and it performs like a champion, or at least it should have that title in two months!:stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice!:slight_smile:

Very nice looking bot!! I look forward to seeing y’all in Houston.

I absolutely LOVE how it resembles a NASA rover. Kudos to your design team!

Too bad no swerve this year. Or else it would really look like a NASA rover…

Man does Texas know how to make attractive robots!

First 148 with Armadillo and now 118 with Dynamite. Wonder what else we’ll see from the Lone Star State this year.

Looks like yet another winner for 118. Great job Robonauts!

If Apple and NASA had a love child, this is it. I LOVE the white and gold. If only they didn’t change the bumper color rules this year.


UCF is gonna be crazy :ahh:

those bumpers are beautiful. its too bad you won’t be able to use them.

Beautiful, just beautiful. I can’t wait to take a close look at the guts of this machine in Houston. You guys set the bar on “well engineered” robots and have had a huuuuuge impact on my work over the years.

I loved the mid-season video. Can’t wait to see if you’ve hidden any changes in there since then.

Good Luck at Florida. We’ll meet you in Houston week 5. We really enjoyed our match together last year, maybe this year we can play a few more.




Awesome looking machine. I’m looking forward to seeing you in action at the Florida Regional.

I was going to say that the bumpers looked illegal.

I love how they made the competition bumpers part of the sign display behind the robot. Very cool. Very smart. Excellent promo/marketing for the team/robot.

I’m drooling over (what looks like) the embroidery. It’s beautiful.


Does it fly?! :slight_smile: haha that thing looks sweet! Congrats 118! Theres gonna be a showdown in Texas!

an amazing looking robot… what type of wheels are you guys using?