pic: Robonauts and Robowranglers Robots

After a vicious prank war, 118 ended up with a 148 intake structure. The Robonauts never quite figured out how to make it work but still decided to send the robot off to the field with the truss attached for our last prelim match with 148.

I know the competition is over and done with, but is that truss addition legal? It’s sticking out of the bumper perimeter from the pictures I’ve seen. If that’s true, how did it make it past inspection?

This was 100% robot humor during one of the last qualifying matches. It was left on only long enough for the emcee to notice it and have some fun with the head referee joining in the fun and telling them to get that thing off the floor:D

So no it is not legal nor was it ever intended to be a working attachement.:slight_smile:

Both of you had great robots it would of been fun to play together in a qualification match.

The kitty litter story was hilarious…

Man 148 sure has a nice looking bot…

Ahh, I needed the context. Thanks.