pic: Robonauts Shooter

Close up of 118’s shooter.

Shoots faster than a ball/sec. at a max range of around 30 feet.

Note the custom 10" wheel… took us over 12hrs on the mill to cut :slight_smile:

That is a work of industrial art. Congratulations.

Too bad you couldn’t shape that using a Fibonacci series. A nautilus-shaped shooter would rool.

Looks Great!
Can’t wait to see it in action.

I love that radial lightening pattern.
I’m definitely going to steal that at some point.


Very impressive shooter you have there. I can’t wait to get an up close look of the real thing in the pits. Just out of curiosity, how accurate is that thing? I’ve noticed with some types of shooters there is a little bit of spin that throws off the shot.

It has a pretty tight shot pattern. If we miss, it’s usually due to aiming.

Mate, you have to see it to find out. :cool:


I can’t speak for theirs in particular or its spin, but one thing to keep in mind is that with most (and I’m having a hard time imagining designs that might cause spin on the ball, the spin will be the same direction and the same amount with every shot - that being the case, it’s no more or less accurate than any other shooter as long as the driver is used to it or the code knows where it has to be to hit.

And that thing is gorgeous, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing in action at Lone Star.

after seeing your video a while back, what a treat to see the closeup of the shooter, i love it ! very very nice machineing, and i wish our team could have went with a shooter design like that, very impressive.

and here i thought ours was all pretty with it’s paintjob, but no, someone had to go off and machine this sexy beast…
i like it. i hope it performs as well as it looks (no doubt)