pic: RoboProm? Why not Robot at Prom?

Under the suggestion of our head mentor, I took my team’s robot to prom this year as my date. Four hours and one battery later, it was a prom everybody would remember for a long time.

(Side note: if anyone is interested in a continuous, multi-hour driver station log file, tell me and I’ll be happy to upload it.)

That is so cool! Please do upload the log file!


Would it not have been easier to just ask anyone to your Prom?

Kids these days…

A robot cant say no, this is genius. A robot won’t complain.

It’s really not that easy to ask people to prom now. Everyone expects a big showy promposal. This way, you can just embrace your inner nerd and bring your true love. :smiley:

Plus, A robot doesn’t care how you look when you’re wildly dancing on the dance floor. :wink:

Where do you buy giant googly eyes from?!?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I bought a pair about that size at Joann Fabrics last week. We wound up using Styrofoam balls for Oscar the Grouch’s eyes, though. If you’ll be at CMP, say hi to my daughter, who’ll be inside an RC much of the time.

We had some good luck making them with a Petri dish and some black and white card stock a few years ago. :]

Thanks for all the responses!

I’ll upload and link in this thread once I can get the driver station laptop back.

Probably, but there were several contributing factors to this decision:

  1. We’re a small school, and most of my friends already had dates.
  2. It’s still my junior year, so I have a little bit of time to mess around.
  3. Robots are awesome, and this was a great way to attract attention to the team. We gained several new members that night.

This was actually an impulse purchase I made from Hobby Lobby a couple of days before bag and tag. As I recall, they were fairly cheap, around $4.00. The above mentioned giant googly eye techniques work just as well, though.