pic: RoboRaider-2007

Heres an Individual picture of team 75’s 2007 robot at our ship party, feel free to make comments or ask questions

Wow. Huge arm. About how fast is it? And is that behemoth on a turret?

would hillsborough high school be in hillsborough county FL?:slight_smile:

That arm is sweet

I checked this arm out personally at the NJ regional and it is insane. 3 Joints on the arm (shoulder, elbow and wrist) as well as a turret on the bottom of it. This robot was very effective at human player loading (I think they finished 4th). Very elegant design J&J.

i agree that they have a nice robot

just that i know their weakness :smiley:

Woah, is that hillsborough Oregon? If so…my brother was born there…

For clarification, Team 75 is from Hillsborough, NJ.

looks cool:D

originally posted by Brandon Holley. 3 Joints on the arm (shoulder, elbow and wrist) as well as a turret on the bottom of it

it looks to me that there is another joint on the bottom (not a turret).

what motors did you use for all those joints?

You guys have an amazing robot. Team 75 was an amazing alliance partner in finals. I remember after the first qf match was done for us, I was amazed at how many ringers they put up. I expect great things from this team during the season. Good luck at the Chesapeake regional guys!

haha, thanks for all the comments, for anyone going to Chesapeake or Atlanta, feel free to stop by the pits for a better look

“What motors did you use for all those joints?”

The turret uses the smaller window motor. The lower and second joint are both linked by cable and are powered using the large CIM motor through a worm gear so it cannot be back driven. The top arm segment and wrist both use globe motors.

Yup, 75 has a great group of hard working students, with a brilliant design.
Good luck at Chesapeake!


If your weakness involves getting something stuck in there arm, forget about it. You would need a steel rod to do any kind of damage. Of course, to mount a rod big enough you would not have any weight for a drive so you would sit there, worthlessly. That arm looks unstoppable. Great job.

pretty slick you guys, im ashamed to ask because im sure of the anwser, but can you pick up noff the floor?

Wow! nice arm guys. With three joints, how do you guys program it? One joystick axis for each joint? Or did you guys write a program to have the arm follow a set path?

It can pick up from the floor however we prefer to take tubes from over the wall because it is faster.

How do you control all the joints?

The bottom two joints are driven by the same motor and controlled by the Y- axis of the left joystick. The third arm segment is controlled with the Y- axis of the right joystick. The grabber open and close and the wrist motion are controlled with the buttons on each joystick. The turret is controlled by the X- axis of the right joystick. The box contains the activation for our presets which will move the arm to a previously stored position. We have 4 presets for load positions and 6 for putting tubes on the rack (2 positions for each height). The presets can be overridden at any time by moving the joysticks. It may seem complicated but it’s actually fairly easy to control. When we place tubes on the rack I usually use the preset to get close then override it to finish lining it up.

Congratulations on the good work guys!

The time we had with some of you here in Brazil was awesome! Looking forward to seeing you again, and good luck in Atlanta!