pic: RoboRaiders '00-'07 and MuMuPsi '07

Team 75 RoboRaiders '00-'07 and Team 2016 MuMuPsi '07 on display

Is it just me or do the 2001 and 2007 roboraider machines look similar?

Clearly it is just you…

Clearly… :yikes:

Haha… they do :stuck_out_tongue: Lol. Ours KINDA do… maybe… perhaps lol.

Awesome pic though… nice way to show a bit of bot history here :slight_smile: way to go RoboRaiders and MuMuPsi!!!

Thats an awesome pic, thanks Pete…:slight_smile:

Its good to see all those robots still in tact

Just you :wink:

Its great that you are able to keep all of those great bots together, do they all still run and do you use them for demos or anything?

It is unfortunate that we no longer have our 96-99 bots with us. But for the most part the ones we do still have all run, some better then others (the 2003 is just a driving frame with 2 suction cups on arms that just fall out to the side). We use them mostly for driver practice and dust collecting in the work place. When we can’t use our most recent robot for demos we usually shift to the next year down, but we have been known to jump around on certain occasions.

The first question was, Do the 2001 and 2007 look similar. The robots in their cosmetic appearance from a distance may appear to be the similar but they are not similar. They are conceptually different, they are engineered differently and they are fabricated differently. :slight_smile:


The second question was Do they Run? Yes they run for the most part. They are a little slower and a little rustier, the same as the mentors are.:cool:

Team 75
Senior Mentor

… The machine on the right is very beautiful and shiny.

I don’t know why, but this picture gives me a nice, happy, “warm and fuzzy” feeling inside! Its a very nice picture. Wooh robots!

I hope that the '03 doesn’t respresent how rusty I am. :yikes: