pic: Roborat's 1249 new travel van

This is before the logo's were painted.

very nice…how many people does it seat and how much did you pay?

Is your team going to custom paint it, too? I think that would look very cool.

I like…again, how much was it? And you should definitely paint it with custom colors & your logo…that would look awesome.

Nice find guys…

The Canuck

It was the old reading library that traveled to the different schools in the county and had not been used for the last three years. So, they are letting us use it now. We are still working with our graphic design class for the paint.

Right now, it only has the two captians seats in the front. We are going to add at least six more captains chairs so that we can take the drive team and programmers with us for practice day. Also has a wheelchair lift to help in loading the pit boxes and robot cart and things that we take with us.

May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
and nothing beats Willie Nelson’s ‘On The Road Again’ with robots/gear on board.

Forget travel van, put a machine shop in there!