pic: Robostangs Team 548 Community Outreach (Pic 2)

During the festival, we had a contest to see who was stronger… The idea was: 1. The person paid one dollar. 2. They tried to push the robot to the orange cone, and the robot tried to push the person over the line. 3. If the robot won, the person would have donated one dollar, but if the person won, the would walk away with a small teddy bear. In the end, only one person (260 lb football player) won a bear. It was all great fun, and really got people interested.

Just look at that o.o
the ancient war, robot vs humans?

Can we guess who won :stuck_out_tongue:

Trust me o.o
its not as it seems

unless u think the robot won xD

~ SK ~

Let’s see…a robot with the old drill motors pushed a sophomore and his dad simultaneously…on a slick floor…CIMs are more powerful than the drills…truck pulling was a common offseason hobby at one time…I’d say robot every time, unless you had two or three people at once.

Slick floor?
:S it was rough cement
the robot was on low gear
for more traction

our wheels got us pretty far
we dont have more pics

but it did take on a few football players :S


The CIM isn’t more powerful than the drill. Those old drill motors had a lot of power as do the CIM’s but I know that while the CIM is more efficient the drill was a little more power.

I was thinking of Beach Bot 2003. The floor of our work area was some unidentifiable material (coated cement, maybe?) that could get really slick if there was rain. Not sure what gear the robot was in.

We push kids down the hall when they are sitting. Talk about seroius rug burn.

On 540 in one practise , we took this years nad last years robots and grabbed onto the back and it dragged us across teh gym floor with ease.
One kid is roughly 200 lbs