pic: Robostangs Team 548 Community Outreach

This weekend (Sept 14-16) our team rented a booth at our local Victorian Festival in downtown Northville, Michigan. We let anyone who wanted to, drive the robot, and made a little donation money as well, even though driving the robot was completely free. This picture is my favorite becasue it shows that people of all ages can really enjoy the FIRST program.

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Wow, this picture is sooo priceless:)
Great job guys.

Thanks a lot. Like I said, this was the first time that our community really could get involved, and they really enjoyed it! :slight_smile:

If this photo doesn’t tell us why a photographer is important to a team, I don’t know what will.

Involvement = inspiration = incredible moments like this.


Somebody get that kid into a JFLL team, quick! :slight_smile:

uh, probably a PKFLL team (pre-kindergarten)! :] *

  • Finally found a use for that lego smilie!

Those kids look like they are having a blast.

Great job 548!

Thanks, it was great fun!

More sugar! Wow that girl in the pink furry thing looks really bored:(

No, she is just mad because of the wait for her turn… There was a really long line, and really she was probably watching the robot, the next picture was of her, and she looked similar to the kid in the orange! :slight_smile:

I took this picture… if that means anything lol. I have a few more i should probably get up online that are pretty good. They will be on our new site, once it is released here in the next few days. (I hope…) *Currently working on beta 1.2