pic: Robot 08 Offseason Idea

This was what i wanted to make during season but did not possess the Solidworks skills that I have know, I only knew AutoCad. So what do you guys think?

the board looks a bit vulnerable and although it is off-season if you decide to put on bumbers, the one in front will probably get in way of the arm.

btw i see you have a pump in there, what do you plan to use pneumatics for? all i see would need motors

Looks good.

But I see some real problems with that roller-claw.

  1. After the ball has passed it’s median point the rollers will no longer be in contact with either side and the ball has a good chance of falling out.

  2. I’m not sure those roller-bars will be strong enough. Keep in mind that other robots will be smacking into those throughout competition. They will need to be able to withstand lateral impacts. Your best bet is either to make them really strong, or make them out something flexible.

What motors transmissions will be used to lift it? And on another note, how will you hold it up? I’d be worried about stalling FP motors (or using the brake function) for prolonged periods of time.

The electronics will be covered later with sheets of carbon fiber and the roller claws are only 25 inches long. The bars are made of 1/8 inch 2024 aluminum. The motors we are using:


and we will be adjusting the speed by adjusting the sprockets.

We had a very similar design for our robot, but we had forks on the bottom and the top was given slack to hold in the ball with gravity while also using a slow idle to keep the ball from rolling out.

what are you planning to use for the frame of the chassis?

Carbon fiber? Are you really going to spend that much on an off-season robot?

Of course, I’m completely overlooking the possibility of a very generous sponsor or the possibility of carbon fiber sheets laying around your shop.

Yeah, A sponsor gave us 50 sheets of 12 feet by 12 feet carbon fiber. They were going to throw it away because they are switching to Titanium.


Lol, I wish we could use our brand new CNC. They ordered the machine and not the carbide bits or the clamps (way to think outside the box).

I don’t agree with number 1 at all. Don’t we all remember a certain championship robot from this year that only had rollers in the front in a form almost exactly like this?? And I’m pretty sure they did fine. :rolleyes:

Keep up the nice work.

They (assuming you mean 1114) had a roller on top, a fork on bottom. The fork constrained the ball from moving sideways, with two vertical rollers in this arrangement the ball will come out sideways. It can be fixed by adding arms/forks to the side to constrain the ball; like 233’s grabber.