pic: Robot 865

I was quite angry after our finall match. we did not get picked though we were the most powerfull robot out of 64 teams! if you don’t bleive me ask them your self! we came in 31st with a score of 4 wins 4 lose and 0 tie and a average of 17.0 RP i think or 16 RP. we played mostly defence beacuse of our arm driver didn’t have enough expreince and was scared he might break the arm so we decided to stick to defence and played very well and out of 8 games we only had 1 penalty for tiping the other teams robot over and it wasn’t extracly our falt. And one round was just stupid our battery died and none of our drivers realize that until it stoped working mid way during a match!

I think I’m missing something.

This thread is about 865’s bot. You’re complaining how your team (different from 865) was not picked.

Lets keep on topic here.

It really isn’t worth time to vent over something so small as the place that your team got at a regional. What really matters is what you got out of the FIRST season, and how you can use it to build on what you know.

Our team had the same issue you guys did. 24th place/47, and we thought that we were going to get picked for sure in the finals. Alliance selection came up, 1341 was not there. We were devastated. My team learned that not getting picked the hard way meant something a little more than having a great robot. Imagery is probably even more important, since even weaker robots will get picked if they have a better image than you.

On the way back from the competition, we began planning how to fix our problem, and the best ways to approach and resolve it. We’ve come up with a few solutions which will hopefully get us noticed and recognized in the next two years.

Take what you’ve learned from not getting picked this year, and apply it to next year’s season, and come back with renewed vigor. Who knows? You might even be able to be picking next year.

(Cory, I think that he is from that team, but he just didn’t fill out his profile properly)

lol, i am very sorry about my profile! a friend of mine got on my laptop without me noticing him and he chnaged everything…so i never really bothered chaning my profile aging