pic: Robot almost falling (sorry for quality)

At the 2012 Rochester Rally.

If you can stay like that while an ally pushes you up, will it count as balanced? That’s pretty cool! Another thing: Purposely tipping to take up less room on the bridge? Maybe.

Looks like our robot driving on a level surface. Then again, our robot has a low, somewhat centered, center of mass so it always comes to rest on its wheels (I’m not sure if the same holds true for the bridge though, we have only been able to test it on the bump and level ground).

Regionals are going to be fun with so much robot tipping action! We saw a few close calls and a few spills at the Duel in the Desert scrimmage.

We have a wide robot. Our bridge dropper also works as a wheelie bar to prevent tipping on the bridge. Maybe you can add on a bridge dropper to prevent unfortunate, expensive, and cataclysmic incidents like this?

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Same for us, it looks cool too.