pic: Robot Attack!

This is a warning sticker I found on a computer-operated robot that is in Jensen Beach High School’s engineering room. I found it pretty hilarious at the time…

I think I need a poster of that to have in the pits.

hahaha. I definitely find this to be quite humorous as well.

And I kind of feel myself wanting a sticker like that to put in my dorm room…

Now is that guy thrashing in pain, or leaping in joy?

(I pick the latter: The code finally compiled!)


haha i didnt think of the code…but it sure does look like that now.

but the robot actually looks like the one in the picture…even with the pinching jaws…but it doesnt really hurt…one of the SPAM members was stupid enough to actually put his finger there…haha

i personally like to put the end of a yard stick in its jaws, then spin the pinchers so it whips around and scares people as they walk by…


Boy, would I love to have a sticker like this.
I talked (and still do) about watching out for/being aware of the arm on the '07 robot.
This sticker makes me smile. It’s awesome.

HAHA, I wish I had that to put on our shop area. It really reaminded me of this image for some reason. http://jaywalking.us/media/2007/August/22/images/zkfq003.jpg

steal that

Is that the only warning you get for this?

Oh my goodness!
That looks sooo scary, but sooo fun!
What kind of robot thing is that?

i’ve seen another one like that…but a little smaller.

and the robot that the sticker was on is like that…just alot smaller…maybe only 2 or 3 feet high.

and instead of a chair, they put a samurai sword in its arm, and controlled it with a wii remote…


:smiley: What model of scorebot is that from? :smiley:

That reminds me of the “Warning! Trespassers Will be Used for Science Experiments” sign I once saw…


It’s a robocoaster from KUKA.


Stateside, I believe the only place you can ride them is at LEGOLand in Carlsbad, CA – but there may be another, smaller installation somewhere else.

Close, but no cigar. Engadget reported on it back in January–it’s apparently a guy with an industrial robot, a chair with a safety harness, and more guts than I have.

Interesting – I’d be remarkably surprised if it weren’t somehow related to the KUKA Robocoaster, though. The Engadget article doesn’t seem to have information about it one way or another.

I think this picture would make the best team shirt ever! Much better than our rolling, flaming balls of '06, or our burnt cheese doodle.

I read “Burnt Cheese Doodle” as “Burnt Cheese Diode”.

I have a new T-Shirt design idea…

I read “burnt cheese doodle” as “burnt cheese dongle”.

A cheese dongle? mmmm, 100% Wisconsin autonomous.

Right, that’s just weird.