pic: Robot cart

We upgraded our robot cart with new tool boxes and adjustable supports

Clever design, never thought to integrate tool boxes quite like that. I like the bumper on the front too.

Out of curiosity, what is the chain run in the middle for?

That is a really nice design. Is the cart frame adapted from an existing cart or is it full custom? What sort of tool boxes did you use?

It looks like the width between the yellow support rails is adjustable via left and and right hand threaded rods.

That’s an awesome robot cart! I really appreciate the sleek bumper on the front and the license plate. You’re definitely going to draw some attention at your next competition.

We had this design for a few years but the old tool boxes were falling apart (cheep). We upgraded to some nice gladiator boxes with more drawers. Our 2015 robots used the reverse threaded rods to spread forks so we found a use for them on this cart, we can use a wrench to spread the robot supports to the width we need for each new robot. A member gave us a copy of there license plate and we added it to the cart. This is real handy when in the finals to have tools near. There is room to carry extra batteries.


Very sleek-looking cart! The license plate is a nice touch.

How do you lock the tool chest drawers? Are the toolboxes you use are the following: these correct?

If so, the locking mechanisms for the drawers depend on the top lid being able to open and close. If that’s removed, that is not possible. Did you find a way to lock them without the lid? If not, are the drawers being constantly unlocked a problem?

Your link did not work for me, I ordered them from Sears. We do not have a way of locking the tool boxes. It is a minor problem if you turn to quick but it has not been enough of a problem to spend time fixing it.

The link was slightly mistyped, here’s the correct link.