pic: Robot Casserole - 2008 front view

It looks angry…

Nice! Is it a shooter?

Just to let you know, the numbers on the bumpers have to be 4"

Yes, it’s a launcher.

Thanks, we know. Unfortunately the people who made the bumpers didnt. We should be fine with stickers on the robot.

As is alluded to, the bumpers do not need 4" high numbers on them. It is a convenient place to satisfy the rule that you must have numbers on all four sides that are 4" tall, but they can be anywhere as long as they are clearly visible. If the bumpers did need the numbers, then it would be impossible to satisfy that rule while taking advantage of only needing to use bumpers on 2/3 of the robot, and I would be very unhappy :wink:

are the lights that important

nope, but they’re pretty. (and they help the people with ADD focus on the robot :rolleyes: )

umm… yeah i dont think the lights on the inside of the robot are allowed! You should read the rules just in case! But i do love the robot colorful

Maybe someone here should read the Q&A.:wink: It’s legal, provided that they follow all other rules. And they should have a way to turn the lights off if another team requests it.

The lights are on a spike, so pulling the pwm cable will turn them off.

I think it’s going to eat me!

I think it just wants some tiramisu. :smiley:

I’m disappointed it doesn’t have a chef’s hat. I can’t wait to see it at Wisconsin. Good job!