pic: robot casserole scored 250 pts


completing all 8 rows

Wow!!! That is crazy!!! how did you score that many with other bots defending?

hahah, we were one of the “defending” robots. For some reason, our ramps fell down in autonomous and we were confined to the home zone, they managed to put up 2 or 3 rings while we tried to ramp our two opponents. Not a pretty site… But congrats to casserole.

This makes me feel good. We played Casserole in the quaters and we had two defending robots and an arm bot. The arm bot was disabled by foul the first match, and on the second match the arm bot fell over. We kept their first ranked seed alliance below fifty both times. I’m proud. Casserole put on quite a show this past weekend.

Yea Robot Casserole was awesome. Lots of team spirt in the stands too. And the team was dripping with G.P. The entire weekend.

So they did 250 single-handedly? WOW!

no i was their watching the whole thing robot cassarole scored 6 by themselves and the other two were scored by there alliance partner. the red alliance had one bot that didnt leave the homezone and two that got tangled or died during the match so they couldnt stop cassarole from scoring, but it was still an awsome site to behold

Well, here’s how we did it:
We had help getting 9 tubes up. 1103 got two on the top row and 2225 did an awesome of a job keeping the red alliance away from us. That was the second time we scored 8 around the top with 1103 and we had almost no defense against us because of 2225’s defense and the lack of a 3rd robot. For me personally, and i think the others would agree, that was one of our smoothest matches of the competition.

Add all that up and you get an amazing match. :smiley:

BTW, we had a 10pt penalty if you were wondering how we got 250 and not 260.