pic: Robot Control Board

For controlling the robot.
This is what became of those strips in our previous teaser pic.
We left out some parts if it seems too empty.

oh my goodness this thing is a work of art!
very nicely done… im curious though what that giant blank area could be for (:

I’m curious as to how heavy it will be or if you plan on incoporating a shelf of some kind on your robot cart? Carrying a heavy control board back and forth from the pit over 2 days can become tireing, especially in Atlanta.

Lexan $20…
Stock Aluminum $30…
Having a OI that is heavier than the robot PRICELESS…

Your design and innovation, i like. The weight you gonna put on the poor team member(s) that have to carry this, i don’t lol. ya might wanna remove the plank though, wood can pack some serious weight :cool:

We had an enclosed OI our first year, it was annoying. Just make sure that lexan top is easy to take off without having to remove anything else so you can get at the stuff underneath (like, oh, I don’t know, connectors that have wiggled out).

Ours last year was two layers of lightweight black plastic with VEX standoffs, and a built in handle in the middle of the top plate. KISS.

Our control board last year, we had it fold in half, have wheels and a pull up arm like in suitcases for wheeling our control board around. We also had magnets that held it together. It was a split level where on top was our switches and joystick, driver controls on one half, mech operator on the other, and then we had the radio and the OI on the bottom half of one side, here are some pics pardon the size resolution.