pic: Robot Demonstration

Today Team 836 mentored a Lego mindstorms summer camp for 7th to 9th graders, and afterwards gave a demo of our 2005 robot. Helping the community and also recruiting new members to the team for next year . . . and possibly starting a First Lego League Team or two now that we have enough interest.

It is good to see people donating their time for such positive purposes like enhancing the education of others. :slight_smile:

Cool robot, looks like its in great shape. But what really gets me in this picture are the looks on all of the kids faces. The fun part of demos is watching them get all excited over it, and then the crazy questions they ask.

kid in the front row standing up = future FIRST-a-holic

We had a great time, those kids were so knowledgeable with their Lego mindstorms, one kid had his robot programmed to play the star wars theme while it was running around. And to see the look on their faces when we ran our robot around was amazing. With the interest that they have in the Lego mindstorms it is good to let them know that if they have a serious interest there is a place for them and that place is FIRST.

And the robot is in great shape and is ready for Capital Clash, i think we may take apart the transmissions and clean them and maybe replace the tires and omni wheels and thats about it.