pic: Robot Droppings from 2016 Sacramento Regional

The stuff collected off the field after 2½ days of matches, the most I’ve seen in 12 seasons. There’s a nice collection of bearings at the upper right and an encoder wheel at center-bottom. (I think the mangled chrome hooks are some the flap-hangers of the Low Bars.) This is a great reminder to all of us to make sure everything is tightened down or otherwise secured!

Lots of the defense pins there. Did you collect the little nub that popped off too? :slight_smile: I found lots more after we pulled up the defense bases. The more interesting things teams would come back and collect.

We collected way more nubs than are seen here. We took them to the NASA Machine shop and had them welded back on to more than 200 pins. BTW, none of the welded nubs broke off after welding.

Additional things we collected:
Team Standards (left at the driver’s station), Ethernet cables, USB cables, Apple laptop chargers, USB to Ethernet converters, two sections of #25 chain that were at least 75 links long and were identical length, sprockets, screwdrivers, flash lights, allen wrenches, and pulleys. Most of all…Pop-rivets!

There was a driver’s station in Australia for at least an hour and a half waiting for a team to pick it up.

Can we bid on any of that stuff. I will take all the hex bearings. $2.00 AUD.

That bungee cord is mine! I lent it out to a team and never got it back. Now I know why.

Ouch, that’s a KOP belt pulley on the left in there. Wonder how that happened?

Why is it that every robot parts box I ever see these days always contains one and only one 1/2 Hex bearing in it. I did not notice this was happening until this year at West Valley, but ever since then when I look into a lost parts box, there is the one 1/2 hex bearing.

I was working on the theory of the PNW FTAs/FTAAs were playing a trick on me, but here is yet another parts box with one of them in it.