pic: Robot Entrance

Robot entrance to the field at the new Miami Valley Regional (MVR)

So is there a center bar in that door, and if there is would it be possible to remove it? I only ask because depending on Robot size this year some may not fit through a standard door size. And I know quite a few carts that wouldn’t fit either.

Natatorium? Hmm… :rolleyes:

Yes the center bars will all be removed. Traffic flow to and from the pits this year will be congested. Only 1 double door entrance in and out for both pedestrians and robots. So we will have traffic control volunteers. The Pit entrance is to the left of those doors and up a ramp.

Good news the pits will all be in one room this year!

I’m shocked no one else has caught this.

Gotta be prepared

Maybe just haven’t posted yet. Robot flippers and snorkel, make ready.