pic: Robot Love Fest....

Here is an article I found in the issue of Electronic Design 11.29.40 (Visit www.elecdesign.com) that mentions FIRST!


Ouch, sucks too lose some easy publicity with a simple typo like that.

Written by William Wong, eh? A distant relative of yours, Rich? :wink:

All in all, a cool article.

OMG! :eek:

I didn’t notice that… I’m going to speak to Mr. Wong about this serious mistake. Mr. Wong is obvious wrong… :wink:

Yeah, its a good article, i really enjoyed it and have already read it. I kinda wanna see those robot gladiators, or sozbot attachments for segways :ahh: (just kidding) Are the wongs realated??? time will reaveal this to us, i guess. He could be realy helpful cover first events.

Such as a circular saw blade for clearing the sidewalk of slow pedestrians?

J/K :slight_smile:


I liked the article … especially the part about the presentation on “‘Why We Need to Love Our Robots-and How to Make it Happen’ that examined the human/robot relationship.” I’ve often felt that to be a subject which needs to be discussed more regularly.

And, Rich do you think that William can correct the typo and get the article re-printed? Hmmm … sure would be nice. :stuck_out_tongue: