pic: Robot Love

The Pink Team and Horsepower were both giving a demo and…

If only the arm was working at UCF :frowning:

Um, are we sure we want to show something so graphic on a site where kids hang out??? :o

Hey man, its the gears and the chains, all a part of life… :rolleyes:

Agreed…At least the blue one kept its bumpers on!

Should I say it should I say it?

Can you program the love tonight?

Mods, can we get this flagged as NSFW?

To be honest I think this one picture destroyed my childhood and my youth-like spirit.

This is really cute :slight_smile:

Actually at first glance, it reminded me of two Sears Towers leaning against each other.

So is this how cRIOs are made?

It has to be, after all those evil contraptions cannot be any work of man.

Well that would definitely explain a lot. Are we programmers some kind of teachers then? I want some compensation if I’m teaching this thing to Read/Write! (And drive, and kick, and… eh… automate?)


Agreed. Though we did manage to build a robot that can run (well, at least drive) without one…:smiley:

The next step is to start up a dating website for single robots, like ours.

I’d sign ours up, but I don’t know what the build team (dad) would think :rolleyes:

I cant help but wonder what the dating site profile of a robot might be.

“Hey there, I’m a 115 pounder, all sheetmetal frame, 2 speed drive, 4 CIMs, and I’m looking to ‘hang’ around and ‘shoot’ the breeze with another special robot. I’m looking for a bot that can really ‘turn me on’. My favorite FRC games include Breakaway, Aim High, and Raising The Bar…”

Oh dear…what have I done…

I hear that the VEX Robotics platform resulted from a similar “interaction” between ThunderChicken and Robowrangler robots in 2004.