pic: Robot Match 3.JPG

this is a pic of 815 pushing up 862 after the match was over. a littile help from 67 only to lift 815 off the ground we got points for 2 robots

Another great angle of the pileup. What a great match!

That is simply amazing! I’m curious how they scored it though. Clearly there are 2 robots on the platform, but since their wheels aren’t touching the platform, do they still count? :smiley:

Edit: whoops already answered in the original pic thread

815 was barely touching the platform and they did count as did 862. This was one of the most hillarious moments at GLR. I just hope nothing became damaged…

Wow, I look really tense at the driver station. :yikes:

Nope, as far as I know there was no damage to our 'bot from this match. The bumpers really help a lot!

We’ve got some pretty good dents in the front side where we don’t have bumpers but I don’t think they were from this match. We labeled the dents with a Sharpie!

Yeah, in THIS ANGLE you can see the dents in the front bar, they’re already there. :slight_smile:


<Inconsistency between regionals alert>

In NJ, and also I think in Hartford, if this scenario had played out, the 815 robot would not have counted.

Reason being is that (red team) 67 is on the carpet and touching an alliance partner (815, also red team) which would mean they are holding them up their, and by touching they would not have counted.

Anyone want to quote the rules as to how it’s** supposed** to be ruled, as opposed to how it was.

</Inconsistency between regionals alert>

Thats hilarious, and then 862’s driver is just laughing hysterically :smiley:

Ask and ye shall receive:

<G09> ROBOTs on ALLIANCE PLATFORMs - ROBOTs score points if they are entirely on an ALLIANCE PLATFORM when they come to rest at the end of the match. ALLIANCEs receive points for ROBOTs belonging to either ALLIANCE that are on the ALLIANCE PLATFORM closest to the ALLIANCE’s DRIVER station. If any part of the ROBOT is touching the carpet, the ROBOT is not considered on the platform. If a ROBOT is entirely on an ALLIANCE PLATFORM and is touching another ROBOT that is not entirely on the ALLIANCE PLATFORM, it still is considered on the platform. One ROBOT on a platform or ramp is worth 5 points, two ROBOTs are worth 10 points, 3 or more ROBOTs are worth 25 points.

And the definition of ‘Alliance Platform’:

ALLIANCE PLATFORM: The raised platform at each end of the field directly beneath the center goal. The ALLIANCE PLATFORM includes the horizontal platform, the ramp between the floor and the platform, and the vertical side walls on each side of the platform and ramp.

They counted it as 10 points for having 2 robots off the carpet.