pic: Robot Mitosis

Having just assembled our 2014 drivetrains and mounted them to the frame, we wanted to do a quick check to ensure everything was working as expected. The electronics and pneumatics were nowhere near ready for a standalone test, so we improvised, using the pneumatic and electrical systems from our 2013 robot to power the drivetrains. The 2013 robot used 2 CIM VexPro Ballshifters, and the 2014 'bot uses 3 CIM Ballshifters. While one CIM on each side was left unpowered, we were able to diagnose some early hiccups related to (our own) improper assembly of the shifters. We tipped the 2013 robot on its back, and wired the connectors and hoses from its drivetrain through the undercarriage to the upside down 2014 robot. One student commented that it looked like we were birthing the newest member of our metallic family.