pic: Robot Name ?


This looks like our game task in a “natural” setting.

Considering the amount of complaining about the game that picture is very ironic.

Don’t you know??
That is the infamous robot: “Mr. Poohie”

I find it rather funny that people would be complaining. Every year, right after Kickoff, people start complaining. Why???
Is it because the game doesn’t match their preconceived ideas of what the game should have been? Or is it that they feel the challenge is too great?

I have been here for only four years. In that time I have learned a few things: 1) FIRST will get the rules fine tuned. 2) Teams will be successful. 3) The complaining usually ends around week three.

Think about it, you could be rolling a ball of poo around instead of conceiving, designing and building a robot!

Gracious Professionalism is not an empty phrase. It is something that members of FIRST value and share with others. It is something that starts with day one. Day one of becoming a member of a FIRST team.

If you are unclear as to what it is, search for posts by mentors and students that you have come to admire for their thoughtful and respectful posts and attitudes.

Read about Gracious Professionalism in the FIRST website. Spend some time talking with your team mates and your mentors about it and what it means.

How we post and what we post, reflects on us and on our teams. Always. Rookies and newer members can listen well as post. Everyone can. Spend some time reading. Start with the FIRST 2008 Manual. Read old threads. Read posts in these newer threads that are polite and wise.

The photo is clever and fun. It is following a long stream of complaints in a lot of threads and I find that (the complaints) a bit sad. Esp. when it’s pretty obvious that few want to use patience and understanding or take time to read the manual and/or wait for updates.

People always complain but I don’t remember this much complaining in recent times. What did we complain about in 06 and 07?

'07 was supposedly going to be ‘boring’ & ‘simple’. The audience would not get it or understand it and/or would be bored. cough

Usually the complaining doesn’t start til competition season begins.

/me believes the complaining is mostly because some of the conflictions between the rules and the animation.

Should clear up in a couple of days or when updates correcting this come out.


I posted the Pic because we are supposed to have fun. :slight_smile:
A close examination of the beetle in question from different angles actually has bearing on a grabber design as well.

this may sound a little on the weird side…but its kinda…cute. anyways, i think i might be able to get a pic of someone on the team doing that…maybe…hopefully…it would be great.

All I could think of is the old Spike Jones recording of a horse race - “Beetle-bomb”.

Thanks, Gary and Team3339! I needed a little dose of hilarity this afternoon.

Anybody have an extra </chortle> tag laying around? I’m stuck on <chortle>!

Nailed it!