pic: Robot Parts Fighters! (Or 810 Teaser #1...)

Jimmy and Dan had a bit of a disagreement on what music should be played, and grabbed the nearest sharp/blunt objects they could find… :-p

This is also the only decent shop I got of the parts we got back from one of our machine shops over the past few days…

Top advantage of being a senior: you can beat up on the underclassmen. :wink:

so you are going with treads this year huh? they look nice

Um, if I recall correctly, Jimmy won that battle, his robot parts were still sharp off the CNC mill ;-).

Well, how else would we get rid of those pesky freshmen? Wheels can’t leave second degree burns ;-).

Well you know it’s always good to test the strengh of the parts before you put them on the robot. :smiley:

Robot piece or cool looking weapon? You decide! :stuck_out_tongue:

Both, obviously! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I guess it’s true that this isn’t BattleBots…

It’s American Gladiators! :rolleyes:

**i got an i dea to get rid of those freshmen…we make them file :smiley: **

Hrmm look like those parts should be like swords in some killer RPG

what I still find odder than that… I think Superdanman is my evil twin mayb… he’s on 810 on i’m 710… both blonde hair and blue eyes… the simlarities go on … I’m freakin out man

or mayb thats just the 12 pack of mountain dew talking

can’t wait to see your bot

actually I have green eyes :wink: