pic: Robot suspension

Six Wheel Drive with mecanum wheels on corners and omni wheels runing off of a ball differential. Full working suspension.

Team 1322 off season proto type.

Novel suspension :slight_smile:

One question: Why toughboxes on one side and different transmissions on the other side?

Edit: Dang it, I should’ve looked at the other picture before posting. Sorry!
“One side we used bain bot gear boxes and on this side we used kit gear boxes. This is just a proto type to see how different gear boxes would work.”

those arent toughboxes, they are the kit transmissions from 2006(I think)

Yes 2006, we just took those apart the other day to grease them up to use with the new control system!

I am very impressed with this design. It’s a beautiful hybrid of a 6wd and a mechanum, with a very nice suspension.

Which end would you use as the front? The end with the moving wheels would be preferable for weight, but the other side would have an advantage from supporting and control standpoints.

Also, I’m almost afraid to ask, but how much does this weigh in?

The weight of the drive unit with the bane bot gear boxes was 30 lbs. The other side we did not check. If we used Andy Mark wheels and did a direct drive to the wheels (no helical gears) and placed some hole in the frame we should be able to get the weight down less than 25 lbs. with a total of 50 lbs for both drive units. The only other frame we would need is for the arm attachment.

More Pictures http://www.team1322.org/ideas.htm

Just completed a video

How well does it slide from left to right? Does the omni-wheel cause enough drag to not justify the mechanum wheels? Are you even using it as a left to right slide robt or are those just wheels that you had?

Thanks so much

Cool video! That’s a very clever drivetrain concept, and I’m glad to see you got it working. It looks like a really fun project, although it may be difficult to implement for a FIRST robot (mostly because of the mechanism and bumper mounting… but I’m sure you guys could think of something :)). I’d love to see it used in competition.

Can it go up the ramp fully sideways, or does it start to slip?

We have been driving it quit a bit and it goes sideways and angle wise great. If we do use it for competition we would use segmented bumper for each of the moving drives. We originally were going to attach them to the rods that supported the main part of the robot but the stationary bumpers might hit the ramp as it goes up and over.

Could you tell me if I’m looking at this right?

It looks like, to me, that the two wheel assemblies are only connected to the central frame in three points. One on either side of the frame near the rear wheels (the white tube, yes?), and the other on the parallelogram in the front.

If this is true, when that parallelogram “flexes,” doesn’t it pull the two front wheels in towards each other?

Yes you are correct. For the test robot it did bring the front wheels closer. With this years robot we are not useing the three points, we will use four but they will be above the robot drives.