pic: Roboteer fuel cells in our hotel room at Philly

Part of the 48 cans of Dew that we split among the three people in our hotel room. When we left after 3 days, 38 of them had been drank, 32 of them by the 3 room occupants. First thing we did when we got to our room, was put our bags down, grabbed the trash can and the dry cleaning bags, and filled our tub with ice and all the dew. Don’t worry, we all showered. ;D

Nice!! Mass quantities of caffiene is always good!

First thing we did when we got to our room, was put our bags down, grabbed the trash can and the dry cleaning bags, and filled our tub with ice and all the dew. Don’t worry, we all showered. ;D

So, if you all showered…your tub was all dirty? and you put the sodas in there?

Gees… I could have sworn that was in our shop when I left on Friday! When did you guys sneek in and take it?? By the way can we get it back I know they are empties but we put a .05 deposits on each so we would kinda like 'em back if not atelast the deposit. :smiley:

Don’t worry, the dew was all in cans. We made sure to drain the tub and take the Dew out before we showered. :wink: But you are correct, we risked our precious Dew by exposing them to the elements in a tub… but the ice cold dew was well worth the risk.

that is so darn awesome! prints out pic and puts on wall

That’s just beautiful! Wow. My room, would probably be filled with a mixture though. Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew: Livewire (It’s back!), and Mountain Dew. But still, that’s just awesome. :smiley:

I am dissappointed I absolutly LOOOOOVE Surge and for the longest time i could only get it when I went out west to visit relatives. However, then on one godsend day (about 3-4 years ago) I saw it in the local grocary store but it only lasted for like 2 years before it disappeared :frowning: ::snif:: now there is no more Surge!!! I almost cried when I realized this I even asked a stocker if they were just out even though down in my heart I knew what really had happened … q=~(

Mountain Dew: Livewire (It’s back!)

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!? Time to go to the store!

Yes I am! I had my first bottle of the year yesturday. And boy did I enjoy it. I got another bottle today… I’ll probably get another one tomorrow. And for Palmetto, I’ll probably get a cratefull. Lol. ;D

Hah, I also had my share of dew at philly. Won a buy-one get one free practically every time I bought a bottle at 7-11, and ended up getting about 8 through the 3 day weekend. Just think about what it’ll be like with 300 teams in hot atlanta :stuck_out_tongue:

At the Philly reginal I had about 7 Mountain Dew Live Wire slurpees from 7-11 in those 3 days. I was wired for the whole night

Thats nothin each of the 3 kids in our room brought a 24 pack and i brought 2 6-packs of 24oz’s for the midwest regional

Your all amatures at this. :smiley:
Last year in Houston RAGE cleaned an entire supermarket of there 2 liter bottles of dew. I believe the total amount was around 50 2 liter bottles of Mountain Dew. We made about 2-3 trips over there and on the largest trip brought the shopping cart across the street and up into our hotel rooms to drop it all off, then we went across the street to the Toys R’ Us and bought 2 of the giant Dew bottle banks and filled those.

Wow~! I can’t believe someone remembers Surge! I had forgotten about it, but man, I used to live on that stuff- it was better than Mountain Dew- sooo much! Not saying that I didn’t have my share of Mt. Dew at the Philly Regional myself. Has anyone else started noticing that you can buy the Airline-size cans (8oz) in bulk? My parents got some and I really can’t figure out who in the world would think that LESS is better than MORE!

Mr. M went through about 50 of those at Chesapeake and Philly. every time I turned around, he had one in his hand. But as long as he continues his great work on our bot, I don’t care one bit about how much he drinks.

We showered in friend’s rooms

They have LiveWire slurpees!!! What?!? and I missed them?? I had a ton of Mt. Dew at Philly though…a friend and I are shooting for at least 300 points by August so we can get some crappy Dew stuff. Cuz we’re crazy like that…