pic: Roboticist Dr. James McLurkin with 2 Rosie students at the recent talk he gave on his SwarmBots.

Dr. McLurkin spoke in Springfield, MA recently about his research into large scale “Swarm Bots” . Think nature, an ant colony or a bee hive. Many individual entities doing small tasks for the good of the whole. Nice stuff!!

He spent a few minutes before the doors opened with the students of Rosie (839) and the Mechatronic Maniacs (1027), who were asked to showcase FIRST for the public at the event.

Is there a way I can contact him, possibly? My friend and I are working on swarms for our junior project in Robotics at school and I’d appreciate some help. Thanks.

I remember seeing a talk he gave at the University of Richmond last year, those SwarmBots are really cool.

http://people.csail.mit.edu/jamesm/ I’m not sure how often he checks this e-mail address, but it might be a starting point.

The SwarmBots were really very cool. Thank you to FTC 90 and FTC 2849 and FRC 839 and 1027 for attending the event and representing FIRST!