pic: Robotics (book)

Delivered from the UK by Amazon, in less than one week.

Yoda, Jaba, and lil rasian dude make a nice compliment to the book I assume.

Or are they reading buddies? :stuck_out_tongue: haha

Do we have to call him David now?

What’s geekier:

> The cereal box premiums in front of a robotics book.
> Me getting really excited after seeing hubo on the cover… I’ve been next to him before!](http://netfiles.uiuc.edu/suchko1/IMG_1861.JPG)


OK, so California Raisin Man came in a cereal box, back in the day. The other guys were actually Happy Meal toys. :slight_smile:

Geekier than me? That’s a goal you can shoot for. You might make it, too – in twenty years or so. :cool:

Consider it Spotlighted.

-q :]

p.s. touche’