pic: "Robotics mini-meet mixes academics, NASCAR"

A newspaper that serves much of southern Massachusetts (The Enterprise) did a nice story on the scrimmage held by Team HYPER (69). Good photos of the robots from 121 and 348, as well as several students from multiple teams.


(I spy Elvis, ops, no that’s Wayne P.)

NASCAR?? Sigh i would have much preferred an INDY or IRL reference, but i’ll take that i can get :wink:

Our team has been going to the Quincy Scrimmage for as long as I can remember and it’s always been a great time! HYPER is an awesome host and very generous with their resources to other teams. Good lucks guys at your competitions!!:slight_smile:

When I started FIRST in 05 i always said i wanted to see a racing games (mostly Drag). This year being my last year as a student, I’m loving this games cause I love racing. But not NASCAR… too many rednecks.