pic: Robotics Tee-Shirt Quilt

I know I’ll probably never win the IRI tee shirt quilt so I made my own.

More pictures: http://imgur.com/a/oy4s5

-Queen Sized
-Made with 20 shirts
-2 FLL
-2 event shirts
-2 non-team, non-event shirts
-1 FTC
-13 FRC
-8:1 Gear ratio using two Banebot 550s
-Kitten tested, Katie approved
-Can score 5 discs in the high goal in auton

But can it climb the pyramid?


I really like the “Everyone loves robot drivers” and “I love a boy in safety glasses”. Out of curiosity, where did those two come from?

Maybe the second is one of the non-FRC related shirts?

… would sure look nice in the IRI Silent Auction … :slight_smile:

Chris: I would love to do it next year with donated shirts. This one is from my personal collection and means a lot to me.

Rachel: The robot driver one I bought from a teams website, but I forgot which team. The safety glasses one was given to me by a friend who got it 2013 champs. These are the two non-team, non-event shirts.

Kusha: 30 point hang sub five seconds and uses stored energy for post buzzer ascension.

%between%For the next one I would cut the caption and picture from the AndyMark “Ready For a Water Game Since 2004” t-shirt and put it in the middle. cause we all know any FIRST quilt isn’t complete without some mention of a water game:D :smiley:


I see our special safety tee in there :smiley:

The “I love a guy in safety glasses” Is from C.O.R.E. 2062. My friends and I came up with the idea last year and made a bunch of shirts to wear for fun. In St. Louis we were raffling them off and you could win one if you answered a safety question right, but we also have been selling them. I’m not sure how many we have left right now but if anyone is interested they are $10!