pic: RoboTigers Team 1796- 2014 Robot

Another beautiful machine from 1796. You guys looked fantastic at SBPLI and I can’t wait to see you guys this weekend. Another great bot showing up to NYC, it’s going to be a great competition.

Thank you, we look forward to seeing your robot as well as everyone elses this weekend. The 4 day turn around will be tough but worth it. See everyone in a few days!

do you have a wheeled shooter?

Yes, yes we do.

3171 can’t wait to see your bot in action again. You guys killed it at SBPLI and have an incredibly efficient Robot all around. Good luck :smiley:


Yes, its a pneumatic fed 4 wheel, 6" diameter wheeled shooter directly driven by 2 CIM’s and 2 mini-CIM’s.
Upon firing the ramp that the ball travels up extends an extra 2 1/2" to give us a more extended and consistent shot. We were happy with the results but consistency wasn’t as good as we wanted it so we are making some software revisements to our code for our next event that should give us the accuracy we are striving for.

And thank you PRIDE, we look forward to seeing you guys again this weekend as well. Your wheeled shooter was pretty darn cool!