pic: Robots and Pancakes


Every team needs some energy and pancakes do the job! You can also see some bits of our bot, mostly just prototype stuff and some of last years parts that the new kids were playing with.

Chuckle The college anthropology students videotaping our team for a “communication study” remarked about the funny mix of food, tools, metal bits all mixed together on the food table. I’ll have to take a pic and post it.

A robotics’ team runs on it’s stomach.

Yep, It’s soo true what you said about a robotics team running on it’s stomach. When we offer food , wether it be lunch or dinner, you won’t believe how many more volunteers or mentors you can get (sometimes it even makes them stay longer at the meetings!). Our table is sometimes similarly covered with robot parts and food. Just make sure the drinks stay away from the electronics and laptops, we lost a Thinkpad to Mountain Dew.

chuckle I’ve noticed mentors staying longer and eating hearty.

For a week our team kept spilling only the orange soda over and over. The team was starting to feel weird about it. Our team color’s orange!

I to know the pain of loosing a good moutain dew to a wayward peice of electronics.

Thats why you get a 12 pack. 1 down, 11 others to take his place.

-Andy A.

I just wish we had some milk with the pancakes. We washed everything down with Sprite. Nothing like rotting your teeth at 7 in the morning.