pic: Robots at the Boilermaker

The Best of the Best.

Much thanks to CyberBlue Team 234 for providing this valuable resource at the Boilermaker regional. It was very helpful to have this visual reference - located next to the inspecion area adjacent to the field exit into the pits. Great Job CyberBlue!!

I think we got this idea from a team at the IRI a year or two back. Ever since then we have done it at all of our Regionals and for our Division at Nationals. Last weekend I think our team made the board in record time. We usually don’t have it ready unitl Friday morning but it was finished about 3/4 the way through Thursday.

Cyber Blue commits to making a scouting board at every Regional we attend and the division we are in at Nationals. We feel this helps teams as a quick reference to figure out which robot goes with each team number. If you didn’t see this scouting board, it was because it was actually being used a lot by the judges on Friday and Saturday. We’re going to be making two for Nationals - one for the pits and one for the judges to use. Cyber Blue is also looking into other scouting possibilities at Nationals, such as a short session demonstrating simple scouting strategies that any team could use - it’s the system we are currently using, and it has proven to be very effective through two regionals now. Expect more on this at a later date.

I saw Ryan and Sam compiling this lovely board in a corner at BMR. A job well done guys, I really like looking at it. It provides a (tear) lovely memory of the first BMR.

yes at Florida regional it was helpful, i took a look at it a few times. You guys had a great pit location to so people really didnt have to go out of there way

:frowning: you did get a pic of 1654, OK so our robot wasn’t exactly together if you finished this by Thursday midday. We didn’t have it together til 7:55, and even then it was trouble some.


Mike, let me apologize first. I do realize there wasn’t a picture of 1654 on there. We were going to wait until Friday to take your guys picture, but then the board was gone for most of Friday and Saturday and we didn’t get a chance to add it. I felt that you guys would’ve wanted a more finished product picture, so that’s why we didn’t add it on Thursday, which was when this picture was taken. In all honestly we were going to do it, if you look you can see a spot we left next to 1646.