pic: Robots done!

Some 2075 team members decided to finish the robot by themselves after the meeting yesterday…

Anyone know how many c-clamps are allowed on the robot this year? Can’t find any info in the official rules!

Up to 120# worth :slight_smile:

ghetto bot

So I guess you guys are relying on a feeder bot :rolleyes:

Where’s the duck tape:rolleyes: .

Looking good! You guys need bumper mounts though.

Is that one wheel in front your drive, or are you going with a paper weight drive base, It’s been done before, pretty effective for the right situation. :smiley:

Well… you won’t loose a pushing match… :smiley:

Who makes those rubber band/belt things?

So wheres this robot you speak of :confused:

You guys also need to plug in your battery, mount it on the robot, and have an electronics board. Jags, distribution, etc. I can’t wait to see this robot in action! =D