pic: Robots in the Mahtomedi Homecoming Parade

Armada Robotics (FRC2508) and the Fire Bears (FRC2846) in the Mahtomedi Homecoming Parade promoting Mahtomedi High School’s new FRC team.

Very cool. How long was the route? Did your batteries last the entire time?

The route was about 1 mile long. Our robot used only one battery for the whole parade, but it was pretty low at the end. The Fire Bears’ robot had chain problems so they unfortunately could not finish the whole parade.

Two awesome Minnesota teams doing great work. Way to go Armada and Fire Bears!

That big square thing on top of the 2846 Fire Bears robot is a big big 12 volt battery. If we hadn’t had the chain problems, we would have been able to do the whole parade several times.

In June we did the Roseville MN Parade using the same setup. We actually did the parade than reversed the route and drove it back to the school. The driver carried a backpack with a regular FIRST battery to power the router and the drivers station ran off the laptop battery.

That is one awesome battery and the backpack control system setup was pretty cool. Hope to work with you guys again!

Wow! I’m suprised you were able to have the robots drive on their own, keep up with the parade pace, and use only one battery. At the end of the school year last year we were in the Loyalty Day Parade, but to make sure we didn’t use up battery we had it on a cart attached to the end of a trailer with our kicker facing backwards. That was we could kick soccer balls behind us with our ppl catching em. It looked cool to the spectators. But congrats on running a successful parade, and with two robots as well! :smiley:

I wish I would have been there to see this!!

HI all, it was a fun parade, just too bad about our chain… Here’s a couple more pics



Ok, I don’t know how to make the pictures appear here, so go look here maybe.


More Pictures can be found on: http://on.fb.me/bRyiSi