pic: Robots of Ypsi Fest

Robots at the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival on Sunday. From left to right 66, 226, 862, 470, 1502. Great Demo, lots of fun. Thanks to 470 for hosting the demo.

It’s really nice to see FIRST teams and there robots involved in the community.

Did you guys get a lot of interest?

Yes this is pretty cool, we did it last year in the Pontiac Silverdome with no heat in November. The teams that were there were 47,65,67,245,494,1 i’m pretty sure that was all but it was something cool to do because most of the people did not even know what the robots were. :slight_smile:

Are all the robots that were involved in the picture?

Mostly. it was a three day demo, I was only there on Sunday. I believe 815 was there one of the other days, along with some FLL teams.

To answer your first question yes there we lots of crowds watching the robots.

Did you have a field set up? Or were you just driving around and shooting/picking up/dumping the poof balls?

They had a half field set up Center Goal & 2 Corner Goals.

That’s really handy
Sorry I don’t know the details, but who sponsored this? The city? Did you all contact them, or them you?

(side note: I love how some people I talk to don’t believe Ypsi exists! or Kalamazoo!!)

Ohh… we exist alright. We exist. Problem is ypsi is overshadowed by Ann Arbor.

Looks like everyone had a good time.
The robots in a row are cool like that.

How do you pronounce Ypsi? Like Yippsee?
That is a fun word.

like this:

(I think…lol)
I have a tendency to put the ‘Y’ at the beginning and so get made fun of :slight_smile:

whoa, the way you pronounced it is so geeky, let me redo that:

its, IP-sil-LAN-Ti

An address
A network
and a calculator

You’ll also notice those of us in the area call it Ypsi alot. (IP-see) It’s a whole lot easier than saying the whole thing.

It’s like K-Zoo. But Elvis only hangs out in K-Zoo, not Ypsi.

We should thank the teams that put this on and organized it. The 2 teams from Ypsi, 470 and 66 - I think. Thanks. (If I’m wrong, please let me know).

862 has been comming to this for years, and it only gets bigger every year.

470 did most of the work I have to admit, they got the meetings together, got the tent, etc. etc. 66 has always been with them in full force in the festival (with the sole exception of last year, in which we just had a robot there with a couple of people, it was not the greatest year for us). This year I got word of the heritage festival planning meetings via a liason who was on 66 for her freshman and sophomore years, joined 470 for her junior year, and now is back on 66 for her senior year. Thus I got people together and thus 66 was in it better than last year thank God.

However, the other teams that were there deserve a great big thank you. Due to the large variety of stuff we were able to show off (VEX, Mindstorms RCX and NXT, FRC, a homemade segway, etc.) this was probably the best display at Heritage Festival in the 4 years I have been a part of the event. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Thanks to everyone for everything, it was a great success.


PS: Lastly, I hope I am not imagining things, but as compared to other displays in the festival with the exception of the music down by the river and etc. we drew in some of the biggest crowds. That is something to be extremely proud of. :cool:

It was sponsored by Team 470, Ypsilanti High School!

It was awesome. I particularly enjoyed announcing and human playering. And running around being crazy. And the snackage.

Between the two RCX bots and two vex bots that we brought we went through something like 60 AA batteries in a day and a half.

Does anybody have the picture of Jason and Smita and I giving our robot a group hug after the match that we “won”? Our grown-up adult thought that was entertaining.

We liked it so much we’re going to try and pull off something similar at our local festival next year.

Great job those who organized it.