pic: Robots Rock!

We’re forming a new team. To advertise our callout meeting, and not having any team pictures of our own, I used some pics from usfirst.org to come up with this poster. (After plotting it ‘C’ size, I brought it into Kinko’s for lamination, where the serviceperson remarked “Wow - this looks really fun!”)

Wow that is an awesome looking flyer. If I was a newbie and I sall that poster in the hall it would really grab my attention, great job. Good luck and hope to see ya’ll (mississippi term) in Atlanta

Thanks Joel, for the kind comments and well wishes! So far there seems to be quite a bit of interest; we’ll see come Wednesday. (Kudos to Team 537 who will be helping us with the callout - we are so fortunate). Atlanta would be a dream come true - We hope to see you there!